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The way we are working
is not working
1 in 7 people experience mental health problems in the workplace
Of working age
people have at least one chronic disease
Modern workplaces are part of the problem
Modern workplace ‘hustle culture’ is harming employee health and wellbeing
Long hours, low physical activity and unhealthy habits drive chronic disease risk
52% of all employees are feeling burned out, up 9% since pre-COVID times
Traditional reactive workplace health insurances and EAPs offer too little, too late.
The Strove proactive approach prevents physical and mental ill-health from occurring in the first place
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Strove works with the smartphones and fitness devices your employees are already using.

API integrations to popular services mean no additional hardware purchases are required.
Client Web App
Harness real-time aggregated wellbeing and engagement data from the Strove web app to inform management decisions.
Easily manage and monitor your employees’ wellbeing from onboarding to engagement.
Employee Mobile App
Encourage engagement and healthy competition through challenges, badges, streaks and opt-in company leaderboards.
Voucher rewards for healthy lifestyle behaviour drive users to stay on track to achieve their wellbeing goals.
More than 50 in-app mindful activities including meditations, sleep stories, and mindful breathing exercises to beat stress and allay anxiety.
In-app content created by experts to inform and update users on important health and wellbeing topics.
Corporate identity is important. Keep yours by opting for a live white-label version that skins the entire solution in your colours and brand.
Support from a range of life coaches to assist employees with a range of personal and professional matters.
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Dr Jarrad Van Zuydam
Dr Jarrad Van Zuydam
Sport and Exercise Medicine Physician, Chief Medical Officer
By 2030, non-communicable diseases are predicted to make up 56 percent of global disease burden.
This alarming trend is driven by sedentary and unhealthy habits. By harnessing the power of behavioural economics, Strove gradually drives healthy lifestyle change leading to happier and healthier people.
The side-effect for companies?
A productive, engaged, and resilient workforce.
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